The word Reiki means Universal Life Force energy. In Sanskrit, it is called Prana. It is the vital life force which flows through all beings. The boundless energy is the power which brings forth all life in the Universe. Everyone is born with REIKI, for it is the energy of life itself. 

Although evidently originated in ancient Tibet, this natural healing art was revived over a century ago in Japan by Dr. Mikao Usui. Today what we know as Reiki Healing is the method developed Dr. Usui, it is a simple way of connecting yourself with universal energy to heal yourself and others. Lord Buddha blessed thousands of people through this sacred power which is based on the transfer of Universal Life Energy.


Reiki Shiksha Kendra was started by Reiki Master Pravin Patel in1991 with a mission to spread awareness about Reiki among people of Ahmedabad and other regions.  He has been trained by Dr. Paula Horan, Karl Everding and Barbara szepan during 1989 to 91. After his training as a Reiki Master he left his job and decided to dedicate his entire life to the development of Reiki Healing in India. Besides Ahmedabad, he has led Reiki seminars in different states in India and as well in countries like Mauritius, Seychelles, Switzerland, France and many others.


Reiki Diwali Newsletter 2015


History of Reiki
As awareness about Reiki grew lot of stories came up about the origin of Reiki. Scholars and Researchers have been looking deeper and deeper to find authentic information on the origin of Reiki and if one is interested there are many books available on origin of Reiki. Most common and agreed notion is that Reiki was originated in...

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Benefits of Reiki:
Living a Reiki life means living life completely. Reiki connects you with the ocean of cosmic energy. Once you are attuned you only need to have intention to do Reiki on yourself or others, the energy starts healing. You feel being enclosed in a fine sheath of energy, it also helps to release withheld emotions and energy blocks...

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Ten Reasons to Learn Reiki
You can balance your body, mind and spirit by spending some time each day devoted to self-healing...

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Reiki Experiences
In 1993 I suffered from a slip-disc. It was treated with bed-rest, medication and physiotherapy. For about 2 years after that I had no problems but gradually Though not very convinced I agreed and she started giving me Reiki for a month. I’m happy to say that it has given me a lot of relief from the pain and luckily since July have not taken a pain-killer.   Thanks to Reiki.

Jaya Shah, Ahmedabad

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Reiki Buddha Purnima Newsletter
Art of Living
The Art of Living conducts several self-development and stress elimination programs that empower people to face life’s challenges gracefully. .At the core of these unique programs is the Sudarshan Kriya, a powerful revitalizing breathing technique gifted to the world by His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar after spending...

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Reiki Store
At our Reiki store you can find books on Reiki and Reiki Music CDs, we also have the Art of Living’s Divine Shop where you can purchase books on varied subjects like religion, meditation and sermons by Guruji Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji. Ordering is simple you can call us or email us and we will deliver the goods anywhere in India...

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New Dimensions: Yoga Training

At Reiki Shiksha Kendra we are always adding new dimensions to our activities with an objective to provide more and more spiritual insight to our members. For this Reiki Master P.D. Patel has started Yoga Training which is a 5 day course with 2-3 hours of sessions in the morning...

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Schedule for Nov - Dec 2015 at Reiki Shiksha Kendra
If you wish to see what activities we are having this month, here is the schedule for Reiki Seminars, Refreshers course, Art of Living and Yoga classes.Now register in advance according to your Convenience, just call us or drop an email!

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