Reiki Articles

* Agnihotra Homa    Therapy- The ancient    science of Healing

  “Heal the atmosphere and the healed atmosphere will heal you". This is the basic principle in Homa therapy. It is the science of purification of the atmosphere given through vedas.


* The Human Potential

  Every human being is unique. We are not mass produced according to some blueprint or master plan, each identical with the other.


* Yoga For Positive    Health

  Yoga is becoming popular in all parts of the world. For the restless mind it gives solace. For the sick, it is a boon.


* Manifestation of    Reiki

  We now know how Dr. Usui at the age of 34 during 1896 got “Tantra of the Lightning Flash” and initiated the system of Reiki.


* Tantra of the    lightning Flash

  “Tantra of the Lightning Flash” Originated 2600 years ago from the lips of Shakyamuni Buddha and was written down in Sanskrit.


* India Food For    Thought

  This must be read by every Indian. Please read this article. Even if u don't do anything about it, try to see the point a man who has grown from nothing, has to make! Mr. APJ Abdul Kalaam's speech in Hyderabad.


  Learn Reiki

How Can You Learn Reiki:

The Key to REIKI is its simplicity. The real difference is in the Attunement (also known as initiation) process, which the student experiences in the various levels of REIKI classes.

There are three stages of learning Reiki, called degrees.

The first degree allows you to heal yourself and other by giving hands on Reiki and it works more on your physical health. The second degree Reiki allows you to send Reiki healing from distance means you do not need to touch the patient or be present. You can send Reiki to someone who is thousands of miles away. The second degree Reiki helps works on your physical and emotional level. The Third degree Reiki is for those people who wish to achieve greater level of consciousness. It works on the spiritual level. There are two parts in the third degree A and B. In part A the student is taken into greater spiritual level while in part B a student learns how to attune other people thus he becomes eligible to be a Reiki Master.

During the first degree seminar (duration 2 days), a series of four attunements are given by traditional Reiki Master. In the process energy centers also known as Chakras are opened to enable the person to channel (and vibrate) higher amount of Universal Life Force Energy. After this, one can lay his/her hands on other person and start the healing process by transferring Reiki. The other person draws in just the right amount of life force energy through the hands of a Reiki Channel.
REIKI is a natural system of great simplicity as nothing other than your hands are required to carry it out. Where other forms of therapy may demand months and years of training for the practitioner, Reiki can be taught in a week-end.

Today, Reiki is widely used to complement other kinds of treatments.

At Reiki Shiksha Kendra our effort is to help people understand Reiki in its true form and to generate more awareness among people to adopt Reiki. We also have different activities to keep our students connected as community this helps them keep practicing Reiki and they also learn and understand through each other’s experiences. Another strong aspect of our center is to keep the traditional and core values of Reiki intact. Commercialization of a holistic healing method is not what we seek and that is why our students have not only benefitted but we have also become well established as a community with worldwide network.

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