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* Agnihotra Homa    Therapy- The ancient    science of Healing

  “Heal the atmosphere and the healed atmosphere will heal you". This is the basic principle in Homa therapy. It is the science of purification of the atmosphere given through vedas.


* The Human Potential

  Every human being is unique. We are not mass produced according to some blueprint or master plan, each identical with the other.


* Yoga For Positive    Health

  Yoga is becoming popular in all parts of the world. For the restless mind it gives solace. For the sick, it is a boon.


* Manifestation of    Reiki

  We now know how Dr. Usui at the age of 34 during 1896 got “Tantra of the Lightning Flash” and initiated the system of Reiki.


* Tantra of the    lightning Flash

  “Tantra of the Lightning Flash” Originated 2600 years ago from the lips of Shakyamuni Buddha and was written down in Sanskrit.


* India Food For    Thought

  This must be read by every Indian. Please read this article. Even if u don't do anything about it, try to see the point a man who has grown from nothing, has to make! Mr. APJ Abdul Kalaam's speech in Hyderabad.


  Reiki History

The Beautiful Beginning

As awareness about Reiki grew lot of stories came up about theorigin ofReiki.Scholars and Researchers have been looking deeper and deeper to find authentic information on the origin of Reiki and if one is interested there are many books available on origin of Reiki. Most common and agreed notion is that Reiki was originated in Tibet and is a Buddhist way of healing. Recent discoveries have shown that it was widely performed in ancient Tibet. Tibet had seers who used visualization, sounds, and symbols to summon the universal healing energy and provide treatment for certain diseases. However, there are no physical proofs that can be recovered from this concept which can be compared to modern Reiki.

Thus Reiki was in existence thousand of years ago, but this healing technique was completely lost over a period of time and there is no mention of Reiki in the medieval history. In the 19th century Reiki was rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui and the method that he developed is now followed all over the world.

How Reiki came into existence in modern time is as follows…

The founder of Reiki as natural healing is Dr. Mikao Usui. At the turn of the century in late 1800s Dr. Usui was the president of a small Christian university In Kyoto Japan, the university’s name was Doshishua. He was also a Christian minister.

A conversation with a student at the beginning of a Sunday service changed the focus of Dr. Usui’s life. As Dr. Usui began the last Sunday service of the school year, a senior student about to graduate raised his hand and asked
Dr. Usui:“Do you accept the contents of the bible literally?”
Dr. Usui answered that indeed he did. The student went on:
“In the bible it says that Jesus cured the sick, that he healed and that he walked on water. You accept this as written, have you ever seen this happen?
As Dr. Usui stood listening, the student went on to say:
“For you Dr. Usui, that kind of blind faith is enough, for you have lived your life and are secure. For us who are just beginning our adult lives and who have many question and concerns, it is not enough. We need to see with our own eyes.”
That day a seed had been sown. The next day Dr. Usui resigned from his position as president of Doshishua university and came to the university of Chicago where he studied many scriptures and received a doctorate degree in scripture trying to uncover the secret of how Jesus and his disciples healed the sick.
He had not found what he sought. Later realizing that in the Buddhist tradition it is held that Buddha had the power to heal, he decided to return to Japan and see what he could learn from Buddhism.

Upon his return to Japan, Dr. Usui began to visit the Buddhist monasteries searching for someone who had an interest in and some knowledge of the physical healing. He always received the same answer to his queries:
“we are too busy with healing the spirit to worry about healing the body”
At long last he found someone who was interested in physical healing, an elderly abbot of a Zen monastery. Dr. Usui requested that he be admitted to the monastery so that he could study the Buddhist scriptures, the sutras in search of the key of healing. He was admitted and he so he began his study.

He studied the Japanese translation of the Buddhist scriptures but did not find the explanation he sought. He learned Chinese so that a wider range of Buddhist writings was available to him, still he remained without success. He then decided t learn Sanskrit the ancient language, so that he could read the original Buddhist writings and have access to those writings that have never been translated to other languages.

Finally he found what he had been looking for, in teachings of the Buddha that had been written down by some unknown disciple as Buddha spoke Dr. Usui found the formula the symbols the description of how Buddha healed.
And so at the end of a seven year search Dr. Usui had found what he sought but not quite. Although he had uncovered the knowledge, he did not have the power to heal. Discussing this with his old friend the abbot he decided to go to a mountain and meditate to seek the power to heal.

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