Frequently Asked Questions

5: Is distant Reiki effective?

A5: For some people who are completely unaware of Reiki it is not easy to believe that one can heal or send energy to someone from a distance. But Reiki does not depend logic it works on universal principles which are beyond our limited understanding. However the system has been developed in such a simple way that anyone can use it.
Thus as distant Reiki is as effective as hands on healing. It is not like electromagnetic waves or other forms of energy which loses its potential as it covers a distance. It is universal energy and it is unlimited so it is everywhere and ever available. Thus you can send this energy wherever you want, as much as you want and as long as you want.
In Reiki certain symbols are used which are actually the key to open the channels of the energy. These symbols and mantras do the work of healing. But whenever possible touch Reiki is recommended as it is very soothing for the patient. Human touch has inherent healing quality and it helps the healing process. Also in distant healing clear intention and commitment is required from the healers and receivers side. If it is there then there are no limits to the miracles that distance Reiki can bring.

Q6: Will the Reiki healer get the disease of the patient to be healed?

A6: This is a very common misconception about Reiki. This is not possible because when you are healing you also receive Reiki energy and it is always healing the Reiki channel. However sometimes in touch Reiki, the Reiki channels show the symptoms of the patient because their aura gets connected and mixed. But these are only on the surface and a temporary symptom. The Reiki channel will never get the disease. In distant healing one will get some signals relating to the patients condition. As the entire process is about energy giving and receiving one has to be aware of what is happening, If the symptoms persist and are very strong, the healer should stop healing and focus on himself. However if the healer is a regular Reiki practitioner and is aware of himself while giving treatment, such problems will rarely occur and the healer will intuitively know what to do.

Q7: Where can it be practiced?

A7: Reiki can be practiced anywhere in the world and it does not need any special requirement. You can even do Reiki while travelling.

Q8: Can Reiki be sent to several people at the same time?

A8: yes Reiki can be sent to several people at the same time. The different ways in which Reiki can be sent is taught during the seminar. Once you know the basics you can use it according to your requirement and the method that suits you. Reiki is universal in all its aspects the only limitation is our own mind. Reiki is working at all the places all the time.

Q9: Can I give Reiki to my pets?

A9: as mentioned before Reiki is for every creation in existence it also includes non living objects. So Reiki can definitely be given to pets and plants for their well being. We are not aware but animals have their emotional world and they also go through stress and anxiety. As animals are instinctively sensitive to energies your pet will respond very well to Reiki and it will also nourish the bond between you and your pet.

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