Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Reiki?

A1: Reiki is the energy with which entire universe has been created and that is why it is called Universal Life Force Energy. Every creation living or non living has Reiki within and it can receive this energy from the unlimited universal reserve. Reiki in human context means the healing and empowering energy which can be channelized for physical, emotional and spiritual benefits.

Q2: How does Reiki work?

A2: Reiki can be received by everyone including human beings, animals, plants and even non living objects. But Reiki can be sent by those people who have learned Reiki and have become Reiki Channels. When be become Reiki channels by learning Reiki we can send Reiki to anyone and Reiki will do what is most appropriate for the healing and growth of the receiving body.

Q3: How does it heal?

A3: Reiki’s core essence is Healing every one of us is made of energy mass and for many reasons our energy gets depleted or it is not balanced. Because of this we face different problems in physical, emotional or spiritual sense. Reiki balances our energy and thus it makes us whole, and to become complete is what healing is all about. Reiki gives us fulfillment in real sense not by bringing result to our desires and intentions but by bringing harmony and balance. In the course our desires do get fulfilled if they right for our growth and sometimes we become more aware of our life and we leave the unwanted and un needed intentions behind.
Having Reiki means having divine guidance for the best outcome of your life.

Q4: What are attunements?

This is the most important part of Reiki Learning.
Attunement in Indian terms can be explained as ‘Diksha’. To become a Reiki channel our energy centers have to be aligned with the universal energy and this is called attunement which is given by a Reiki master. If a music instrument is not tuned it will not play, similarly if a person wants to channelize Reiki energy he has to be attuned.

Q4: Can distant attunements be done?
A4: Reiki energy can be send through a distance, which is called distant Reiki but Reiki attunements cannot be given indirectly.
Some institutions claim of giving distant attunements, at Reiki Shiksha Kendra we do not believe or uphold the idea of distant attunements. It is also not advisable because to learn Reiki it takes more than just attunement. Understanding of the Reiki practice and its different aspects is very important and such knowledge and insight can only be shared in person.

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