Reiki Articles

* Agnihotra Homa    Therapy- The ancient    science of Healing

  “Heal the atmosphere and the healed atmosphere will heal you". This is the basic principle in Homa therapy. It is the science of purification of the atmosphere given through vedas.


* The Human Potential

  Every human being is unique. We are not mass produced according to some blueprint or master plan, each identical with the other.


* Yoga For Positive    Health

  Yoga is becoming popular in all parts of the world. For the restless mind it gives solace. For the sick, it is a boon.


* Manifestation of    Reiki

  We now know how Dr. Usui at the age of 34 during 1896 got “Tantra of the Lightning Flash” and initiated the system of Reiki.


* Tantra of the    lightning Flash

  “Tantra of the Lightning Flash” Originated 2600 years ago from the lips of Shakyamuni Buddha and was written down in Sanskrit.


* India Food For    Thought

  This must be read by every Indian. Please read this article. Even if u don't do anything about it, try to see the point a man who has grown from nothing, has to make! Mr. APJ Abdul Kalaam's speech in Hyderabad.


  Know Reiki

What is Reiki:

The word Reiki means Universal Life Force energy. In Sanskrit, it is called Prana. It is the vital life force which flows through all beings. The boundless energy is the power which brings forth all life in the Universe. Everyone is born with REIKI, for it is the energy of life itself.  
Although evidently originated in ancient Tibet, this natural healing art was revived over a century ago in Japan by Dr. Mikao Usui. Today what we know as Reiki Healing is the method developed Dr. Usui, it is a simple way of connecting yourself with universal energy to heal yourself and others. Lord Buddha blessed thousands of people through this sacred power which is based on the transfer of Universal Life Energy.

What Reiki is not:

Reiki is not a religion as it holds no creed or doctrine. It has nothing to do with the calling up of ghosts or demons, nor is it concerned with hypnosis or any other kind of psychological technique. To practice Reiki, no special kind of faith or belief is requested.

How Reiki Works:

When this life force is low or it is restricted in its flow, a person is more likely to fall sick. When a person is treated with the help of this Universal life force, it influences positive emotions, thought pattern and spiritual life, the positive effect of this force is nowadays being verified objectively by the technique of kirlian photography.

Benefits of Reiki:

Living a Reiki life means living life completely. Reiki connects you with the ocean of cosmic energy. Once you are attuned you only need to have intention to do Reiki on yourself or others, the energy starts healing. Thus you can do self treatment and also provide healing to others. Reiki healing fills you with a sensation of peace, vitality, joy and relaxation. You feel being enclosed in a fine sheath of energy, it also helps to release withheld emotions and energy blocks. It helps healthy changes in Bio-chemical processes in your body, accelerates the process of regeneration of cells and tissues. It helps you wonderfully in developing your conscious awareness.

Who Should Learn Reiki:

From children to Adults to Elderly people. Everyone can and should learn Reiki as it balances your mind body and soul.
Women can become more active both at home and at office. They can use Reiki to help and heal their family members. Women can also use Reiki to heal relationships with friends, neighbors and in-laws.
Students can overcome fears, phobias and confusions. You can have more concentration and better memory increases. You can also improve your taking decision abilities, self-confidence, awareness and communication skills. Reiki can be very effective in different situations like exams or interviews.
Elderly people can learn Reiki to heal themselves and stay healthy thus minimizing the intake of        medicines.
Professionals can do Reiki for increasing energy efficiency in work. It also reduces anxiety, tension and stress and makes you calm and relaxed.
Businessmen can do Reiki to achieve greater productivity and growth in business.


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