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The Conscious World and Ayurveda – Part II

In the outer world, a central sun is the source of light and life. In the inner world, a central sun is also the source of  life. This inner sun is our true Self, what the ancients called the Purusha. Plants bring us into communication with the energy of the outer sun, while the inner plant, our nervous system, bring us into communication with the inner sun. Establishing the proper link between the outer plant and the inner plant thus completes the circuit of light and life, and establishes the free flow of awareness in which the mind is liberated, unites the sun with the sun, merges the outer with the inner, creates a festival of delight in living.

The proper usage of a plant or herb, during which its true power is released, implies a communion with it. The plant, when we are one with it, will vitalize our nervous system and invigorate our perception. This means giving value to a plant as something sacred, as a means of communion with all nature. Each plant, then, like a mantra, will help to actualize the potential of cosmic life of which it is a representative.
For this reason, many ancients have had reverence for the plant kingdom. It is not a superstition, nor a mere sensitivity to beauty, but a reception of the power that plants bring to us. The force is not received simply through ingesting the plant, but in our total communion with it.

The sages of ancient India approached healing and herbs with this same consciousness. Theirs was not a science of   experimentation, but a form of direct participation. Experimentation implies distance, a division between the observer and the observed, subject and object. As a result, it is meditated, measured, and translated. In dissection of the corpse, the   penetration of the soul is missed. Direct perception, meditation, is the science of yoga. Yoga allows the essence, the thing in itself, to disclose itself. When this happens, a full revelation of material and spiritual potentialities are gained.

The seers, the saints and sadhus through the yoga of  perception, let plants speak to them. And the plants disclosed their secrets, many of which are far more subtle than a chemical analysis could uncover. To become herbal expert, therefore, means to become a seer. It is to learn to listen when the plants speaks, to speak to the plant as to another human being is nothing but becoming Sita (BHUJATHA) AND RAMA.
In order to understand the Ayurvedic approach to herbs, one must understand the basic system of Ayurveda, which is a complete healing science, including the physical, psychological, and spiritual aspect of life.

The ancient seers of India envisioned two fundamental principles behind existence : PURUSHA, the primal spirit, the principle of sentience of consciousness, and the PRAKRUTI, the great nature, the principle of creativity. The union of these two, the Spirit and Matter, produces all things. Yet these two are also one, the primordial Two-in One, the consciousness and its creative and executive force, Shiva-sakti (shiva means welfare, sakti means energy). Within all things is also the power of manifestation, the capacity for creative enfoldment-PRAKRUTI.

From these two great forces in their initial coming together is born Cosmic Intelligence, MAHAT, which contains the seeds of all manifestation. Inherent in Mahat are all the laws of nature. The Cosmic Intelligence also exists in the human being as the intelligence in the intelligence in the individual. As such it is called Buddhi, the means of awakening, developing fully which one becomes enlightened, a Buddha. Buddhi is our capacity for perception, our ability to discern the real from the unreal.

But this intelligence, in its evolution into material forms, may give rise to the ego, the sense of separate self, or AHAMKARA. It is the principle of division as it is only our sense of a separate ego that divides us from the unity of life. In turn, the ego gives rise to the conditioned mind or conditioned consciousness called MANAS, which, as our sense of self-consciousness, creative a protective thought-field around itself in which we become bound.
Finally, this links up with the collective unconscious called Chitta, the storephouse of thoughts of all limited mentalities. Through Chitta we remain under the influence of the latencies, compulsions and drives of the earlier stages of evolution, all the way back to the animal realm and before.

Ayurveda aims at life in harmony with cosmic intelligence, whereby our own intelligence is perfected, so that through it we can return to unity with the nature and through nature to our self and spirit, the PURUSHA. This is the spiritual background of the Ayurveda which is same as that of yoga, the basis of Ayurvedic psychology.
This requires the awakening of intelligence wherein we go beyond the rule of ego. The ego is the basis for all the deviation from the nature. Health is natural, PRKRUTI. Disease is artificial, VIKRUTI. Hence most disease, except those natural to the course of time are from the psychological imbalance born of unnecessary self-consciousness.

Reiki An Easier Explanation.
I have been practicing Reiki since 1999, when my wife, Asha and I got our 1st degree along with the blessings of Shri Pravin Patel, Mrs. Vina Patel and Mrs. Shravani Parikh in Ahmedabad.

During my practice of Reiki, I have had a chance to     explain reiki to a variety of people in all walks of life. Especially, while explaining this wonderful power to businessmen, I have come to realize that It is better to talk to them in their own language, that is money and business. While explaining to them I quote few examples formulated by me.
Let us take an example of a factory with 100 workers. They produce 100 bags of cement in a day utilizing the energy of 100 persons. Supposing on a given day 25 persons are absent. So the result would be that only 75 bags of cement would be produced, which as per the business understanding it is a loss. If we are able to substitute those 25 persons with equal abilities and make good the strength (energy), then the production would naturally be restored to 100 bags per day. Basically, what we are doing in the above example is that we are restoring the lost energy and thus restoring the production. Similarly, whenever an organ or a system of our body is lacking energy, its functions (production of harmones) are reduced continuously till the time the symptoms of the illness are visible and person is affected. By reiki treatments the energy of the body is restored and the organ or system resumes normal   functions and the person is healthy again.

Another example I have found to very easily comprehensible by people of all strata of life is that of the “hot water bottle treatment.” I say suppose on a particular day, you have a pain in the shoulder. You would get home in the evening and request your wife to get the “hot water bottle” for    fermenting your shoulder. The lady would boil some water, fill it in the rubber bottle and place gently on the affected spot. After a while you would feel better. That is layman’s language. Scientifically, speaking what the process involves is transfer of energy and releasing the blocked up energy.

Alternatively, if the lady is asked to apply some balm or ointment, she would religiously take the balm or ointment and rub it on the effected part. Slowly the pain would vanish. Here too there is transfer of energy. Here the energy is transferred from the lay’s palm to the affected part by means of friction. Also the balm or ointment contains chemicals and menthol which also release energy which is massaged into the affected part. So again the affected part gets the full restoration of energy and the pain is reduced.
I have been able to explain Reiki treatment procedure to people by simply saying “Energy Restoration therapy” and people listen and follow the explanation with intent.
We are ever so thankful to Mr. Pravin Patel, Mrs. Vina Patel and Mrs. Sharavani Parikh for the wonderful REIKI power and who have always blessed us at all times and been beside us in our difficulties.
Asha & Mahesh
Reiki Home, Udaipur (Rajasthan)

Good Karma prosperity tip
“Was Mom Right ? Is Money So hard to come by ?
Money is a lot like air.....like it or not, you can-not live without it and you are highly dependent on it. And there is no use complaining about air when it is the only thing to breathe...or money when so much of your time is spent on either “earning it’’ or ‘’spending it’’ So given that money is ‘’everywhere you want to be’’....it is a great idea to take a good hard look in the money mirror....for when you do, you will see that your relationship with money can tell you a lot about yourself. It will show your negative attitudes towards money “inherited’’ from your family...which you were attracted to in the first place because of unresolved karma from past lives.

For example:
If you never have enough money, it is because you believe money is’’ the root of all evil’’ or that you are not worthy enough to receive it. And yet you never question if there is enough air or doubt your right to breathe it.......air and money are both energy that you need to live. This is a sign that you need to heal blocks at your Root Chakra.
If you sincerely believe that you need to be rescued financially by winning the lottery or by inheriting money from a rich relative, you really believe that you are not the creative force in your universe. Yet you do not worry about if you will have enough air to breathe tomorrow or sit around waiting for that big windfall of air to arrive. This is a sign that you need to heal blocks at your Sacral Chakra.

If you think other people are going to cheat you out of money, you are afraid of karmic retribution for when you cheated others. And yet no one can cheat you out of air....it is there for all. This is a sign that you need to heal blocks at your Solar Plexus Chakra.
If you are never able to buy things you want or if you are stingy with money, you believe deeply that deprivation is ‘’good for the Soul’’ Try depriving yourself of air....and see how good that is for you. This is a sign that you need to heal blocks at your Heart Chakra.  
If you often say “I’m broke” or “money just slips through my fingers” or “I just cannot afford it, you are telling the universe that you just do not deserve prosperity because you cannot even ask for it. You never have to ask for air....you just expect it....so you get it. This is a sign that you need to heal blocks at your Throat Chakra.
If you are constantly worried about running out of money, you are afraid of being abandoned...just as you once were in past lives. And yet you never worry about air....when it goes, you immediately find out that it is far more important and essential than money.

There is a sign that you need to heal blocks at your Third Eye Chakra.
If you feel ashamed when you look at your bank balance (may be it is too high or too low) or if you get something just for yourself only because you want it, you believe that scarcity and lack are the natural human condition. Air is still here....and so will money be. This is a sign that you need to heal blocks at your Crown Chakra.
Money is available to you.....it is part of your divine birthright of abundance...if you do not have all that you desire....what you need to do is become more available to it. So it becomes up to you to take the action to heal those blocks or to learn to live with your financial situation...the choice is yours.
Courtesy Pranam

The Story of a Spiritual Master

Once a master was traveling around the middle province of India, with a disciple following him a few yards behind. Some boys who were rude, rough and abusive began to throw stones and tease the disciple, calling him names. This went on for some time as the boys followed the master and the disciple. They came to a river. The master and the disciple got into a boat in order to cross. The boys got into another boat and as they reached the middle of the river the boat began to sink.

The master slapped the disciple across the face. The disciple was so surprised as he had not said a word to the boys in response to their taunts. He had been such a good disciple and yet the master had slapped him!

The master said, “It is your fault. You are responsible for their boat sinking. You did not respond to their abuse. Nature has now punished them in a worse way because you did not have enough compassion to quell their insults’’. With that slap the master took away the karma of this event so that it would not be carried into the boys’ future. It also served to take away any little bit of joy the disciple may have felt at seeing the boys’ boat sink. Thus, it also took away the karma of the event for the disciple. So the anger of the enlightened is a blessing.                                      

Sri Sri Ravishankarji

Here and now
August 31, 1995


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