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Agnihotra Homa Therapy- The ancient science of Healing

“Heal the atmosphere and the healed atmosphere will heal you". This is the basic principle in Homa therapy. It is the science of purification of the atmosphere given through vedas. The practice of Homa (Yagyna) removes toxins from the atmosphere and has a tremendous healing  effect on humans, animals and the plant kingdom, in fact on the whole, biosphere.” Monika Koch says in her book ‘Homa Therapy’.

Monika is a pharmacist in Germany, practicing Homa fires since 1974 and has done a lot of research on the medical applications of Agnihotra. Parama Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj resuscitated this ancient knowledge and blessed Shree Vasant paranjape with a command to spread this knowledge all over the world.

Breathing is most important. The quality of air we breathe is very crucial for our survival. We are hardly conscious of the quality of air that we breathe. The air contains poisonous gases being released from industries, vehicles, heating systems etc. In our search for comfort with our radios, televisions, mobile phones, radar / electromagnetic radiation, noise, ultrasonic waves, radioactivity and other things, we contaminate the air which is so vital for our survival. Even in the Himalayas, snow is contaminated with radioactivity. With these complex environmental pollution problems, One basic question arises:- How do I protect myself and how can I get healthy air to breathe ?

The answer is Homa Therapy. Homa is technical term from the Vedic science of bio-energy denoting the process of removing the toxic conditions of the atmosphere through the agency of fire.

Agnihotra replenishes the nutrients that pollution robs from our environment. By practice of agnihotra, you can notice that tension on the mind disappears. The mind is reshaped nicely, delicately and effortlessly by sitting in Agnihotra atmosphere. It renews brain cells, revitalizes skin and purifies blood. The Agnihotra smoke goes quickly in to your blood stream and lungs. This has excellent effect on the respiratory system, lungs, circulatory system, the brain and nervous system. Thousands of people on all continents who practice Agnihotra have remarked that simply by performing daily Agnihotra (i.e. at sunrise and sunset) they feel as if a protective film surrounds them.

To perform Agnihotra, the following materials are necessary:-

  • Copper pyramid of specific size
  • Organic brown rice
  • Ghee (clarified butter) from cow’s milk.
  • Dried cow dung.

It is said that one tola (10gm) of Ghee purifies one ton of air. Exactly at sunrise and sunset, when the fire is ready, a mantra is chanted with the offering of little brown rice. After each Agnihotra, try to spare as many minutes as you can for meditation. The mantra creates vibrations and the ash retains that energy. The ash is used as a medicine for many diseases like allergies, age problems, depression, diarrhea, cold, fever, skin problems, lung, liver, gall bladder, Kidney problems, back pain, hyper active children, tumors, insomnia etc. It can also be used for drug de-addiction.

Agnihotra can be performed in house, parks, hospitals, kindergarten and schools, farms, farm house etc. The earth has been robbed of its elements by pollution. Agnihotra can replace these things which are vital to all life. The earth is wasting away. Homa therapy is the last chance to save it.

I have found profound effect of Agnihotra in my home and Reiki center. Whenever I do Agnihotra in Reiki center before the seminar, the results are easily noticed by me and participants. I am very thankful to Guruji Sri Sri Ravishankarji. I got this knowledge from Rishimukh published by Art of Living. I am also thankful to smt. Bharatiben zinzuwadia to teach me the exact way of doing Agnihotra and through her inspiration; many Reiki channels have stated doing it.

If you want to know more about it, come to Reiki center 20 minutes before sunset time, by taking appointment. You can call me to demonstrate to your group of friends. You can visit following websites to gain more idea about it:-


May your experience of Agnihotra be very satisfying and fruitful.

Pravin Patel

The Human Potential

Every human being is unique. We are not mass produced according to some blueprint or master plan, each identical with the other. Each of us emerges from a different design, a different set of genes. But more than this, each of us has a unique history – a unique sequence of events that happened to us, together with our responses to those events and our reflections on the experience. Even identical twins, having duplicate genes, are distinguished from each other by their unique histories. In short, you are one of a kind. There is no other person in the world quite like you, there never been, and there never will be.

In addition to being unique, every human being is precious. It took a billion or more years of evolution to make you what you are-an evolutionary process that is itself unique. Moreover, you are a being of incredible complexity-the design of the human ear or the human eye, for example, is simply magnificent. As for the human brain, it is a supercomputer whose intricacies and powers are far, far in advance of any of the artificial computers, which simply imitate and expand the simplest of those powers. The fact that a computer can do arithmetic much faster than a human brain may be of interest, but the really remarkable fact is that human brains invented arithmetic and designed computers to do it. All this implies that each human being has a unique potential and that it is simply outrageous that everything possible is not done to permit that potential to develop. Yet every society on this planet not only does not do this, but is full of barriers and pressures to prevent it!

There are, for example, the twig-benders. These are groups that consider children to be a form of plant life and seek to capture them at an early age, hoping to bend the twigs in a direction that will force them to grow the way the twig-benders want them to. And so they indoctrinate them with their TRUTHS and inculcate them with their VALUES and above all instill in them habits and attitudes to ensure their obedience and conformity.

Of course, it doesn’t work. Children aren’t twigs. They are self-determined beings with a sense of their own individuality and worth, and they naturally rebel. But they are also small and dependent and, to the degree necessary, they submit to the twig-benders. The result is not only a messed-up world with a lot of messed-up people: far worse than that, it is a tragic waste of human potential. To paraphrase the poet, we all end up strangers and afraid, in a world we never made. And the tremendous potentials of our unique minds remain undeveloped. Comparatively speaking, we are mental dwarfs when we could have been giants.
From: Arthur Coulter, “Synergetics: An Adventure in Human  Development”


Yoga is becoming popular in all parts of the world. For the restless mind it gives solace. For the sick, it is a boon. For the common man it is the fashion of the day to keep him fit and beautiful. Some use it for developing memory, intelligence and creativity. With its multifold advantages it is becoming a part of education. Specialists use it to unfold deeper layers of consciousness in their move towards perfection.

Because of its rational basis, the modern medical system has replaced almost all the traditional systems of medicine in different parts of the globe. It has proved itself most effective in saving man from the fatal hands of contagious and infectious diseases. However, new widespread psychosomatic ailments and psychiatric problems are posing a great challenge to the modern medical system. It is here that Yoga is making a vital contribution to the modern medical system.

Prevention is better than cure!  This proverbial saying is kept only as an accepted proverb in modern Medicare delivery system. Hardly 1 % of the budget is allotted in any country. Yoga could play a vital role in preventing diseases. All health clubs have started including yoga as part of their schedule and many go only for yoga in these health clubs.


The term Yoga has its verbal root as (Yuj) in Sanskrit. Yuj means joining. Yoga is that which joins. What are the entities that are joined? In the traditional terminology it is joining of individual soul (Jivatma) with {supreme soul (Paramatma) the individual self with the universal SELF. It is an expansion of the narrow constricted egoistic personality to an all-pervasive, eternal and blissful state of REALITY.
Patanjala Yoga is one among the six systems of Indian philosophy known as Sat darsanas. One of the great Risis (Seer), Patanjali, compiled the essential features and principles of Yoga (which were earlier interspersed in Yoga Upanisads) in the form of "Sutras" (aphorisms) and made a vital contribution in the field of Yoga, nearly 4000 years ago (as dated by some famous western historians). According to Patanjali, Yoga is a         conscious process of gaining mastery over the mind.

Definition of Yoga

Yoga - Mastery over mind

As mentioned earlier, Yoga is a process of gaining control over the mind. By so controlling the mind we reach our original state of equilibrium. Control involves two aspects - a power to concentrate on any desired subject or object and a capacity to remain quiet any time. All of us have been developing the first aspect namely concentration. Rarely, the second capacity of man, to remain calm and silent, has been harnessed. Hence, Yoga mainly emphasizes, this second aspect. In Yoga-Vasistha one of the best texts on Yoga, the essence of Yoga is beautifully portrayed thus, "Manah Prasamanopayah Yoga ityabhidhiyate" - Yoga is called a skilful trick to calm down the mind. It is a skilful subtle process and not a brutal, mechanical gross effort to stop the thoughts in the mind. This skill is the trick of allowing the mind to calm down and not to use brutal force to stop it.
In action, Yoga is a special skill, which makes the mind reach its subtler state. Yoga is dexterity in action. The dexterity is in maintaining relaxation and awareness in action. Relaxed action is the process. Efficiency in action is an outcome. Thus, Yoga is a skilful science of gaining mastery over the mind. Yoga is normally and traditionally conjectured and popularly known as a process or a technique to reach the ultimate state of perfection. However, yoga is found defined even as the states of higher powers and potentialities and even as ultimate state of silence.

Thus, Yoga is:

(1)     A process for elevating oneself through calming of mind
(2)     Also to reach the very states of higher, subtler layers of mind, and
(3)     Conceive as creative power in man and that of the reality itself.

Pravin Patel

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